In a world of paid software, it’s easy to let slip that other alternatives are accessible too.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of top free test management tools and highlighted their key features to help you find the right tool for your team.

List of Free Test Management Tools

1. Tuskr  

Tuskr comes with some of the most valuable features an open-source tool can have. It is the most reliable, robust, affordable, easy-to-use software to connect your QA teams with developers. Tuskr is a cloud-based test management software. You can manage test cases, conduct test runs, and integrate your bug and time tracking tools. It is powerful yet aesthetically pleasing and intuitive with its unbeatable pricing and a 30-day free trial. It should be on top of everyone’s evaluation list.

Special features: 

  • Unique burndown chart to track progress at a glance
  • WYSIWYG editor with rich-text formatting
  • Planned vs actual chart to identify your stars and slackers

2. Loadium

 Loadium is a performance testing tool offered on cloud and on-premise deployment. Designing load tests in loadium is simple, feature-rich, easy to use UI, and smooth workflow. You can get started with a test builder in minutes or upload a script from selenium, Gatling, and JMeter. Loadium gathers data from various load tests, both on-premise and cloud-based, and displays it in an easy-to-understand reporting interface.

Special features:

  • You can create many intelligent reports and compare the performance of your systems after critical changes
  • Finds performance bottlenecks
  • Create, edit and run scripts without coding

3. Bugbug 

Bugbug is an automated browser testing tool and is easy to use. You can perform all tests in your browser and manage their operation. You don’t have to wait for the outcome of the cloud launch. Bugbug supports all types of web applications without being bound to a particular framework.

Special features:

  • Creates complex test scenarios between many different domains or browser tabs
  • Speed up testing with the ability to run multiple tests simultaneously in the cloud 
  • Set a schedule and regularly check that your application is working as expected

4. Qase 

Qase is a test management system for developers and QA teams that helps to boost software testing efforts. It is designed for automated and manual testing. You can store and run all your test suites and test cases in one place. You can integrate Qase with the most popular bug tracking systems and services like Redmine, Jira, etc.

Special features:

  • Test case review to verify updates made to your test model
  • Smart wizard to guide you through the test plan and will help to check all cases at once
  • Easily share a test report with complete information about each test case in a run to your customer or manager in a few clicks.

5. QADeputy

QADeputy is a full-featured, cloud-based test management solution that helps QA teams track, manage and organize their software testing process from a single, centralized platform. QADeputy has powerful reporting features. Dig deep and run historical teams, test run and test execution history. Flaky test reporting helps you to know which areas need more focus and customizable reports help you upgrade on the areas important to your team.

Special features:

  • Achieve real-time reporting and stakeholder communication
  • Increase QA productivity with centralized test case management
  • Customize fields, statuses, reusable snippets, configurations, tags and more to save time while testing

6.  TestCollab

TestCollab is a test management tool to help development teams carry out testing effectively and avoid failures. Bring your team’s work all together in one shared space. Create test plans and allot them to groups of testers to work together. You can save time on work distribution with TestCollab’s automatic work assignment features, so your time is better spent on more critical tasks. 

Special features:

  • Get deep insights into your team’s resources to see who’s at capacity and who has the availability to take on more work.
  • Don’t spend time on repetitive work. You can use Reusable suites to reuse the same tests across multiple projects. 
  • Smart predictions and Automatic time tracking give you an idea of how long each test plan should take to complete, based on the historical timing of each test.

7. BlazeMeter

Blazemeter testing platform is a unified, end-to-end, next-generation software test automation platform. It has everything you need, from test creation to execution to data and services, to start testing right away. BlazeMeter includes complete continuous testing capabilities deeply integrated into a single, intuitive workflow.

Special features:

  • Testers and QA can use the powerful BlazeMeter UI to record and run tests without writing their own scripts
  • Find bottlenecks quickly using rich, interactive graphs
  • Track trends over time from multiple builds with comparison reports

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